Platinum-colored Homalomena humilis from Riau Islands and red Velvet hybrid Homalomena

Homalomena Collection

Homalomena is a genus of taro plants that are mostly found in Southeast Asia.
The plants in this genus are evergreen perennials with mainly heart-shaped or arrowhead-shaped leaves and flowers that are petal-less and usually covered with bracts of the same color as the petioles.

Today, Homalomena is widely available in the houseplant market in a variety of small and large species.
Homalomena are naturally found on the forest floor in humid and shady areas.
They are very fond of water, so care must be taken not to run out of water in their growing environment.

Here are some Homalomena that have their homeland mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Those Homalomena are
Some of them were brought back by Japanese people directly from local forests, some were imported by me from local sellers, and some were purchased by me directly from collectors in Singapore.
I also introduce photos of F1s and hybrids that I made by crossing them.

I like small species similar to Homalomena humilis, so I mainly collect species that are similar to it or of a size that can be grown in containers.
There are many differences in color and leaf texture among individuals and species, making it an interesting plant.
The growing method and management environment are different from those of larger species such as H. rubescens.

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