Jungle plant culture medium

Homalomena growing in an outdoor glasshouse

This is the material I use for most of my small plants including Homalomena.
I think everyone has their own opinion about the ease of use, so please use this information as a hint to find a better way for you.

Here is a culture soil that is a mixture of Kanuma soil, Akadama soil, and humus.
The ratio I like to use is 45%, 45%, and 10%.
The mixing ratios look like the picture, which I have not measured exactly.
This may include the addition of fertilizers and pesticides.

Using humus for in-vessel cultivation involves a certain amount of risk.
If quality humus is not available, the method of choice should be to use only Kanuma soil and Akadama soil earth and manage the fertilizer distribution.

A good quality humus is a product that has been fully fermented and has been around for some time.
Put your hand under the bag of humus when you buy it and avoid those that are unnaturally hot.
If the temperature is high, the product is currently under fermentation.

I use the product after six months to a year has passed since I purchased it.

When stirring the soil, it is better to add a little water to make it even.
The humus will shatter when mixed, so it is better to add a little water.

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